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Where and When

AsiaMyWay - Where & When?

We are operational since the early '90s. Our activities started in Thailand and spread to Laos (1993), Burma (2007) and Cambodia (2008).

Today AsiaMyWay has become a small-medium sized travel company with a team of 50 people spread across southeast asia & the four destinations we cover.

The company remains of reasonable dimension in order to be able and offer our loyal clientele a personal service. In 2013 we serviced just a little more than 6000 travelers.

The development of communication technologies, the diffusion of the internet, the opening up of countries in which we live and work... all that changes the environment we travel in; it transforms our business and the travel industry in particular. New information technologies enable us to work more accurately, live, on-time and just a short distance away from our future travelers. The development of individual tourism and customized personal tour programs has a bright future ahead!

In 2014, we forecast a considerable growth of 30% for AsiaMyWay, more specific this will reflect itself in organized tour itineraries which are in growing demand. The number of loyal travelers that entrust AsiaMyWay to organize their yearly overseas holiday is growing by the day. We can only be happier about it, grateful and excited because you've enabled us to serve you in southeast asia and you have given us your trust!