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What we do

AsiaMyWay- What we do...

Thanks to our in depth knowledge of- and our physical presence in the heart of southeast asia, we can tailor-make you a personalized holiday at an unbeatable price. We treat your journey directly without the intervention of third parties which saves you considerable cost as there are no intermediaries involved.

  • our knowledge of southeast asia is unique in itself. We aim to know as much as possible for each individual holiday destination we cover: attractive sightseeing spots, newly constructed overland access paths, new hotels that have just opened... we are right in the middle of the action and our desire to be always aware of the latest novelties and developments remains intact. We are constantly looking for what is confidential, little known, off the beaten track.
  • This expertise, we put at your disposal. Your desires will be our guideline. Together we realize the trip of your dreams, whatever you like, whereever you would like to visit in southeast asia. Your trip will be "custom-made" and that is exactly how we prefer to service you.
  • Today, it is easy to communicate with eachother from opposite sides of the world: Skype - Facetime - Tango ...the good old phone... The dialogue will be easy and without any intermediaries who may not know all the destinations they offer, yet they inflate prices! This will be between you and us, a good understanding and a pledge of a journey that will be fully compliant to the wishes of the most discerning traveler. 

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