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How to contact us

AsiaMyWay - How to contact us?

With Skype, email, chat or by telephone? ...Any possible way that might be convenient for you.
We are always standby and listen attentively to your urgent queries.

Between Europe and Southeast Asia there is a 5 1/2 hours time difference (with Burma) or 6 hours in winter; 4 1/2 hours or 5 hours respectively in summer. When it's 8:00am in the morning in Paris, it's 13:00pm (summer) or 14h00 (en hiver) in the afternoon in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (12:30pm or 13:30pm in Burma - this country is "like no other", Kipling used to say).

You could contact us with or without a scheduled appointment: you will just have to click on one of the indicated buttons on this website; when you do so you will be redirected automatically to Skype, Mail or Chat.

You can inform our customer service upfront about your bucket list & personal desiderata by filling out the predesignated contact form on our website (see our pages "Make your own Trip"). You might also choose one of our predesigned tours displayed under the "Travel Ideas" section (minor changes and customization are always possible).

If you prefer to send us an email we will get back to you and answer your queries within 48hrs (for any enquiry related to Cambodia, Laos & Thailand). Enquiries for Burma will be handled within a 72hrs time period.

AsiaMyWay - With whom will I be in contact?

With one of our travel consultants. All of them live in Southeast Asia and all of them are European expatriates, that settled down in asia a long time ago. They moved from Europe to Asia out of passion for a specific southeast asian country, its culture, the local lifestyle or simply because they enjoyed traveling out here. Thus these consultants are great travelers themselves that will understand your needs and will guide you through the offers presented on our website, blogs, facebook pages, passenger forums...etc. Information displayed on different media channels can sometimes appear to be both bloated and biased. From the first moment you make contact until the day of your return home, they will be there to assist you in creating a journey that will satisfy your needs in every single way!